Learning SEO at age 60 – My Journey

A few  months before I turned 60 years old I began my career in SEO / Internet Marketing when I started working at Elite Strategies, an SEO company in Delray Beach. Who would have thought? Patrick Coombe and Jacquie, Patrick’s wife, were the ones who gave me that opportunity. SEO has forever changed my life and continues to change it day by day. There is always something new in the world of SEO marketing  whether it be an update to Google algorithms or a simple search index change, my point is SEO is always changing! From:

  • RankBrain
  • the “mobile” web
  • AMP
  • Panda / Penguin
  • Machine Learning
  • Social media
  • and so much more

The main thing I’ve learned about SEO is this: if you do not remain up to date on the latest technologies and techniques, you will not be able to perform SEO on your website.

Who would have thought I was going to being trained and mentored by one of the all-time greats in the business? Patrick Coombe “The SEO Technical Godfather” He was given title by the person who recently interviewed him about his thoughts on blogging and SEO Marketing. I think the title is right on.

I will say this it has been a privilege and honor working under the supervision and watchful eye of Patrick. I would think  most people in our Industry would pay to work with one of the best in the business, the smart ones anyway. I lucked out. I am truly blessed and privileged to be working and being supervised by Patrick. This website is also a testament to my experience working at Elite Strategies. I learned how to make a domain, point it, get it hosted, build a WordPress website, optimize it, and post blog posts all within the span of a month or so.

My SEO journey began in August of 2015:

I arrived at Elite Strategies main office in Delray Beach Florida at 9:30 am. Jacquie, Patrick’s wife greeted me with a Starbucks cup of coffee and a smile explaining to me that on my first day I was going to listen to her “pitch” SEO to business owners who requested to hear about the benefits of using SEO marketing in today’s digital world. As Jacquie called each business owner, I took notes and listened attentively to every word she said. After her 3rd call,  I thought to myself  boy do I have a lot to learn.

Who would have thought SEO was going to consume me like a drug where all my thoughts and waking moments were about SEO and how it worked. SEO is truly addicting and fulfilling.

I now spend my days immersing myself in SEO reading. I read Rand Fishkin & the You Moz blog, I read Growth Hackers, the top posts on Inbound.org, Search Engine Land and everything in between. I spend a lot of time on Twitter, learning from the greats and remaining up to date on the latest information in the SEO industry. Who would have thought how complicated SEO really is and how the rules are always changing?

I have to say from that day in August to right now It’s been a pleasure working with Patrick, Jacquie and the whole Elite Strategies team. You must know the feeling, it’s addicting, taking up all your time reading and consuming everything you can about it.

For now, I will continue learning, reading and applying everything I have been taught about SEO to give the results I have promised to my clients.

I would also like to recommend Patrick’s latest book that was just recently published in paperback edition.

Until my next blog,  I want to thank you for reading “Learning SEO at the age of 60 My Journey” I look forward to seeing you soon.

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Peter Santamaria

Internet Marketing Consultant at Action Digital Media
I am an Internet Marketing Consultant located in Coconut Creek, FL working for Action Digital Media. I love what I do and I am constantly reading up on the latest tactics and strategies when it comes to Google related updates.

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2 thoughts on “Learning SEO at age 60 – My Journey

  1. Thanks for sharing your journey buddy. Stoked to hear you’re enjoying the SEO industry and learning curve so much.

    Indeed, Patrick is one of the best and a true gent too 🙂

    1. Tony thank yo so much for your positive comment. I am sorry it took this long to get back to you.I just discovered that I had 28 comments. The SEO Industry is something that has consumed me.
      Patrick is one hell of a guy to work with. He happens to be an expert and authority in our field who is highly respected. It’s a privilege to be schooled by one of the best. Tony thanks again.
      How about the Penguin update? It rocked a lot of boats didn’t it?

      Sincerely Peter

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