About Peter Santamaria

My name is Peter Santamaria,

I am the first child of Domenick and Anna Santamaria. My parents were born in Brooklyn N.Y. as was I. I came into this world on October 17th of 1955. I have seen and experienced many things from The shooting of John F. Kennedy and Bobby to a man landing on the moon. I have watched on television The Vietnam war conflict to the birth of Woodstock, Johnny Carson,The Beatles right down to Lawrence Welch. I have seen and witnessed the first computer, the first pager and the first cell phone introduced to the public. I watched Google go public in 2006. I watched 9/11 live and the first Gulf War so you see I have witness many parts of history good and bad.

Three other siblings followed. They are Lynn, Denise and Paul. Lynn I speak to the other two I have little to do with. How’s that for being honest. In life I feel what defines us is our life experiences and our core values along with our memories.