Hello, my name is Peter Santamaria an I am an Internet Marketing Consultant. My goal is to help business owners understand in English how important it is to have a strong Internet presence in 2017 and beyond. It begins with a business website built with marketing in mind. I am well read and up to date on all things digital.  I am constantly reading up on the latest tactics and strategies in SEO and SEM, and I keep my ears open when it comes to Google updates.

I specialize in SEO, SEM, Retargeted Marketing, Social Media Platforms, Digital Branding, Reputation Management Content Management, Email Marketing, Digital Branding, App Creations, Print and Video Creation.

This site is currently under construction, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to me via the contact form, which goes directly to my personal email.

I love to talk to people who get the importance of having a great digital presence. Those business owners that don’t will be left behind in the near future.